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Developing International Teaching and Research through University Cooperation Projects
UFT 1790, Sept. 19-21: International seminar by the University of Bremen and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in cooperation with the University of Ngaoundéré, Cameroon

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revitec salak

Farmers are included in on-site teaching (picture Maroua 11/2012 by Marius Kounga)


Soil degradation, desertification, climate change: the Cameroon ReviTec® sites

ReviTec is an ecological approach developed by UFT and KeKo-Bremen, a Bremen based private partnership. It aims at combating soil degradation, desertification and soil erosion.

In April 2012, a ReviTec demonstration, teaching and research site was established on the premises of our partner Univeristy of Ngaoundére. It mirrors the Bremen site. By June 2014, three more ReviTec-siteswere set up in the dry north of Cameroon in the Maroua region (Salak, Boul-Mokong, Gawel). The experiments include soil amendments such as volcanic materials and biochar from Cameroonian sustainable char production. Bioactivation of the substrate encompasses mycorrhiza and effective microorganisms.

The main results are

  • The ReviTec structures provide an efficient erosion control and retain surface runoff for infiltration.
  • Extension of greening period, high productivity. Acceleration of ecological succession.
  • Hard soil surfaces are softened.
  • Increase of biodiversity and associated ecosystem services: Organisms are attracted (subterranean [earthworms], of soil surface, of vegetation)
  • The sites are effective areas for teaching and capacity building (science and stakeholders).
  • Effective co-operation between Universities and GIZ as well as other organizations and enterprises.
  • Need for efficient international and intercultural project management. Importance of gender issues.
  • The ReviTec sites can be used for moderate short time grazing or fodder cutting and vegetable production.
  • Afforestation is supported through the erosion control, water retention and fast succession

The support by GIZ, DAAD and Uni. Ngaoundéré is thankfully acknowledged.

Downloads (pdf):
(1) Presentation on the principles of ReviTec and the Cameroon sites (5 MB; Feb 2015).

(2) ReviTec brochure (8 MB; 2007)

The general ReviTec website

Contact: hartmut.koehler(at)uni-bremen.de

ReviTec Gawel

The 30 ha Gawel site (Cameroon, Maroua region) with lush ReviTec-islands

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ReviTec Bremen