Apl. Prof. Dr. 

Karl-Heinz Blotevogel

Universitaet Bremen                                              
Fachbereich 2 Biologie/Chemie
Leobener Strasse UFT
28359 Bremen
+49(0)421 218 63408

Curriculum Vitae



Senior Research Assistant
Rank of an Ass. Professor (tenure)




Universitaet Oldenburg                                                                                   
Habilitation topic: Methanogenic Archaea: an overview of their taxonomy, physiology, and ecology.


Doctorate of Philosophy                  
(PhD / Dr.rer.nat) 

Universitaet Oldenburg                                                                               
Dissertation topic: Animal feed additives and antibiotics and their influence on methane fermentation


Master of Science / Diploma  thesis / Staatsexamen           

Universitaet Bielefeld                                                                                         
Thesis topic: The DNA molecules of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with special emphasis on the 2m plasmid


Publications (selected)       

Wildenauer FX, Blotevogel KH, Winter J (1984) Effect of monensin and 2-bromoethanesufonic acid on fatty acid metabolism and methane production from cattle manure. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 19: 125-130

Blotevogel KH, Fischer U (1985) Isolation and characterization of a new thermophilic and autotrophic methanogen, Methanobacterium thermoaggregans spec. nov. Arch Microbiol 142: 218-222

Deckena S, Blotevogel KH (1990) Growth of methanogenic and sulfate reducing bacteria with cathodic hydrogen. Biotechnol Lett 12 (8): 615-620

Rudnick H, Hendrich S, Pilatus U, Blotevogel KH (1990) Phosphate accumulation and the occurence of polyphosphates and cyclic 2,3-diphosphoglycerate in Methanosarcina frisia. Arch Microbiol 154: 545-548

Turkowsky A, Blotevogel KH, Fischer U (1991) Properties of a soluble thiosulfate sulfur transferase (rhodanese) of the marine methanogen Methanosarcina frisia. FEMS Microbiol Lett 81: 251-256

Drzyzga O, Kver J, Blotevogel KH (1993) Complete oxidation of benzoate and 4-hydroxybenzoate by a new sulfate-reducing bacterium resembling Desulfoarculus. Arch Microbiol 159: 109-113

Gorontzy T, Kver J, Blotevogel KH (1993) Reduction of nitro- aromatic compounds by obligate anaerobic bacteria. J Gen Microbiol 139: 1331-1336

Kotelnikova S, Obraztcova A, Blotevogel KH, Popov IN (1993) Taxonomic analysis of thermophilic strains of the Methanobacterium genus. Rejection of Methanobacterium thermoalcaliphilum sp. as a synonym of Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum sp..   Int J Syst Bacteriol 43: 591-596

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Bruns-Nagel D, Breitung J, von Lw E, Steinbach K, Gorontzy T, Kahl M, Gemsa D, Blotevogel KH (1996) Microbial transformation of 2,4,6,trinitrotoluene (TNT) in aerobic soil columns. Appl Environ Microbiol 62: 2651-2656

Drzyzga O, Blotevogel KH (1997) Microbial degradation of diphenylamine under anoxic conditions. Curr. Microbiol.35(6) 343 - 347

Bruns-Nagel D, Drzyzga O, Steinbach K, Schmidt TC, von Lw E, Gorontzy T, Blotevogel KH, Gemsa D (1998) Anaerobic/Aerobic composting of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene-contaminated soil in a reactor system. Environ. Sci. Technol. 32, 1676 – 1679

Raber T, Kleinschmidt M, Gorontzy T, Steinbach K, Blotevogel KH (1998) Anaerobic degradation and transformation of p-toluidine by the sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfobacula toluolica. Curr. Microbiol.37, 172 – 176

Drzyzga O, Bruns-Nagel D, Gorontzy T, Blotevogel KH, von Loew E (1999) Anaerobic incorporation of the radiolabeled explosive TNT and metabolites into the organic soil matrix of contaminated soil after different treatment procedures. Chemosphere 38, 2081 – 2095

Blotevogel KH, Gorontzy T (2001) Microbial degradation of compounds with nitro functions. p. 273 – 302. In: H.-J. Rehm, G. Reed (eds.) Biotechnology Vol. 11b, Environmental Processes II. Wiley-VCH Weinheim

Stepnowski P, Blotevogel KH, Jastorff B (2004) Extraction of carotenoid produced during methanol waste biodegradation. Int Biodetr Biodegr 53, 127 - 132



Research 1981-present

Internship at the University of Regensburg (1983)                                                     
Manage projects for several externally sponsored and company-funded  R&D programs.

-       Microbial degradation of bio-diesel

-       Biodegradability of fuel additives

-       Biodegradation of explosives

-       Natural products from waste

-       Bio-electricity from wastewater



Assisted and instructed undergraduate and graduate students in classroom and laboratory settings.

-       Created materials for lectures and for semester and final exams.

-       Helped revise curriculum requirements for students in (marine) microbiology.

-       Helped to coordinate the international master course in marine microbiology (www.marmic.mpg.de)