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ionic liquid

Data Bank Ionic Liquids

The database is addressed to producers, developers and downstream users of ionic liquids in different fields of application to facilitate the selection of (eco)toxicologically favourable ionic liquids.
Since 2003, Merck KGaA and the "Ionic Liquid Working Group" of the Centre for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology (UFT) joined into a university-industry partnership. The aim was to get data about (eco)toxicological hazards of ionic liquids structures and to identify ionic liquids with optimal technical applicability combined with a reduced hazard potential for man and the environment.
Results from this systematic study on more than 300 IL- completed with data from literature - are collected in this freely accessible ionic liquid database. The Merck KGaA financially supported these investigations at the UFT and provided their expertise in ionic liquids regarding their properties, synthesis and application. This engagement is in-line with Merck's approach to offer sustainable solutions of performance chemicals in a variety of applications.

Contact: Prof. Dr.Stefan Stolte, stefan.stolte(at)uni-bremen.de


Centre for Chemical Analysis

We concentrate on the analysis of environmental trace analysis (volatile organic compounds VOC, contaminants like TPH, PAH, PCB, endocrine disruptors), ionic liquids, pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles.
- Gas chromatography (GC)
- High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
- Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS and LC-MS)
- Dynamic light scattering (DLS)
- Ion chromatography (IC)

Contact: Dr. Antje Siol, asiol(at)uni-bremen.de


Environmental Management

Since 2004 the University of Bremen has its own environmental management system validated according to EMAS (eco-management audit scheme). With this certificate the University of Bremen documents that it fulfills the environmental achievements above the legal requirements.

Contact: Dr. Doris Sövegjarto, soeve(at)uni-bremen.de

greening with goethe bangalore

Greening with Goethe

Students from different countries take care of environmental problems in their neighborhoods. They identify an area in their city, for which they adopt a sustainable sponsorship and a research project. The project is supervised by an international team highly reputated environmental scientists.

Contact: Dr. Doris Sövegjarto, soeve(at)uni-bremen.de

Brundtland lab nachaltige chemie

Oberstufenprofile - Upper Profiles N

The Gro Harlem Brundtland lab is a training lab in in which various teaching and school events take place in the University/UFT environment. Focus is on the two upper profiles"Sustainable Chemistry" and "Sustainable Technology"

Contact: Dr. Doris Sövegjarto, soeve(at)uni-bremen.de


Fit in Mint: Frauen.Innovation.Technologie (women, innovation, technology)

The training module aims at the qualification of women in the field "Environment and Energy" at the university level. The modules "Scientific Principles" and "Environmental Science" take place in the UFT and are taught to a large extent by UFT scientists.

Contact: Dr. Doris Sövegjarto, soeve(at)uni-bremen.de


ReviTec® is an ecological technology to combat soil degradation and desertification.The approach is demonstrated in the research and teaching site in front of the UFT. Similar Revitec® sites have been established in Cameroon at our partner University Ngaoundere and in Maroua.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Koehler, hartmut.koehler(at)uni-bremen.de

international cafe

For our international researchers and their friends, the Welcome Centre offers:
Café international, every Wednesday, 4 pm, Cafeteria GW2. Come, feel good and exchange with the international community of our University!

Contact for international students and researchers at UFT: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Koehler, hartmut.koehler(at)uni-bremen.de



Since 2009, an active Subject Related Partnership in the fields of Ecology and Computer Science has been maintained with the University of Ngaoundéré (Cameroon), supported by DAAD. The main achievements in Ecology have been the establishment of an international Master's of Ecology and the setting up of a ReviTec demonstration, teaching and research site on the premises of the University of Ngaoundéré and three additonal sites in the Maroua region (Far North), supported by GIZ.

Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Koehler, hartmut.koehler(at)uni-bremen.de